Research Vision




Vision Brings Action

Present your ideas with interactive 3D visualization in mixed reality

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Digital Twin

Show your machine and products · in virtual symposium

Multiphysics Simulation

Explore simulation result data · e.g. temperature field, deformed shape …

Video to 3D with AI

Capture 3D model and surface texture from a video · with Machine Learning

Forming technology

Machine Tool Exhibition

Virtual exhibition stage for a prototype forging tool

Web-based 3D and VR / AR 🌐

No need to install any APP or EXE; Click and play on all devices (headset 🥽 or smartphone 📱) with Web browser

Highlight interesting parts 💡

Button for highlighting functional components and showing text introduction pannel

Live communication 🗣

Visitors can leave comment / message on certain parts in the scene


Robotics Kinematics

A robot arm spraying heat resistant coating to a casting mold.

Interactive 🎮

Triger animation by clicking and dragging

Robotics simulation 🦾

Dynamic Trajectories; Inverse kinematics and kinematics messages based on user input. Integration into ROS framework.

Fluid and frog visulization

Environment- and task demonstration of interaction between the robot and surrounding objects